Upright Monuments

Upright Headstones & Markers For Gravesites

Upright monuments (die and base) are also known as headstones and are the most popular gravesite monument. At Gaitz Memorials, we custom-design headstones to help you honor your loved one. Our granite headstones can be different shapes and sizes to create a beautiful, one-of-a-kind memorial.

Headstones are the ultimate display of craftsmanship to celebrate the life of the deceased. They feature a vertical stone sitting atop a base and foundation and are generally placed at the head of the grave. Because they are often larger and more ornate, upright markers tend to stand out and are easy to identify, especially if you choose a custom shape. Traditional headstones are generally rectangular shaped or half oval shaped. However, our skilled team can create any shape out of granite.

In addition, headstones tend to be larger than many other types of markers, which means there’s plenty of room for large symbols and pictures to commemorate your loved one. As Jewish headstone experts, we offer Hebrew translation and inscriptions as well as traditional and custom etchings and carvings to create a unique marker as a tribute to who the person was in life.

Upright headstones can be single, companion, or family monuments. Single headstones tend to be taller than they are wide to allow plenty of room for inscriptions for a single person. By contrast, companion headstones are usually wider to accommodate inscriptions for two people. Upright family markers are generally the largest type of monument and inscribed with the family name to identify a family plot.

Whether you are looking for ornate or simple headstones, traditional or more modern memorials, upright headstones are the perfect way to create a distinct marker for your loved one. Contact our team at Gaitz Memorials to get started designing a headstone today.

Choosing Between Upright Or Grass Markers

Choosing the right memorial for your loved one is a big and sometimes difficult decision. While upright monuments are traditional and elaborate, grass markers have become a popular choice in recent years. When choosing between upright monuments or grass markers, it’s important to consider what your loved one would want. Headstones are easy to see from a distance and generally offer more room for inscriptions and engravings that show off who they were in life. Grass markers draw less attention than headstones, but allow those standing at the gravesite to remember and celebrate the deceased’s life. There is no right or wrong answer for which type of marker is best.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the cemetery may have guidelines on what type of memorial you can place on the grave. This is to help keep a uniform appearance and help stop the grave marker from looking out of place. For example, if the cemetery has all grass markers, placing a headstone could detract from all the other memorials. Also, there may be size and shape restrictions for headstones and other grave markers. Therefore, check with the cemetery for their particular rules. Our team is here to offer guidance if you need help deciding between a grass marker or an upright headstone for your loved one. Please reach out to start the process of designing a monument that captures the character of your loved one today.

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