Slant Monuments

Slant Monuments for Cemeteries

Slant monuments are upright grave monuments with a slanted face to make them easy to identify and read from a distance. Our team at Gaitz Memorials helps you create a memorial your loved one would be proud of. We offer high quality design and craftsmanship for all our products, including slant grave monuments.

Our slant monuments are made of high grade granite for an enduring memorial to your loved one. We can add inscriptions on both the slanted face and the vertical back to help you add even more personalization to celebrate the person’s life. It’s also a common choice to attach military service plaques on the vertical back of the monument.

Slant monuments sit on a granite base to add height and visibility so you can easily locate the gravesite when paying your respects. Most slant monuments sit about 18 inches from the ground. However, we can make them higher or lower based on your preferences and the cemetery’s guidelines.

One important benefit of choosing a slant monument for your loved one is that they generally stay quite clean. Dirt and water generally don’t settle on the monument’s face and simply slide right off due to the angle of the face.

We help design and produce a wide range of slant monuments for your loved ones, including single and companion monuments. Single slant monuments offer plenty of room for customization for the deceased, including inscriptions, epitaphs, symbols, and pictures. Companion monuments are wider to serve as one memorial for side by side graves, generally for couples. Most companion slant monuments feature the family name at the top with details about each person on their respective sides.

Types Of Carvings For Monuments

Granite slant monuments can be carved or etched to add inscriptions and symbols to help you honor your loved one. We are here to offer guidance and support as you decide on the inscriptions for the monument, including epitaphs, pictures, and other personalization.

For Jewish monuments, it’s customary to add Hebrew translations and epitaphs on the face of the memorial. For example, the person’s name, birth and death dates, and other similar details about the person’s life are often listed in Hebrew as well as English.

Our team offers Hebrew translation and engravings on memorials of all types. We work with you to determine the design, inscription, and layout for the monument and then have our translations sent to the rabbi for accuracy and approval. We are here to make this process as simple as possible during this difficult time.

In addition to English and Hebrew inscriptions, we can also carve symbols into slant monuments to help you personalize the monument to the person. Some traditional symbols on Jewish monuments include the menorah, the Star of David, and the ten commandments. We also offer custom engravings to help you create a memorial that beautifully represents and celebrates your loved one’s life.

Contact our team to discuss different options for your loved one’s slant monument. We work with you and the cemetery to help make this difficult purchase as easy as possible for you and your family.

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