Single & Companion Monuments

Single and Companion Monuments for Cemeteries

At Gaitz Memorials, we offer single monuments, companion monuments, and family monuments for cemeteries. Our team is here to help you honor your loved ones with gorgeous, enduring memorials and cemetery markers that are tailored to the deceased.

We design and produce a wide range of single and companion monuments. Our monuments are made of granite for a lasting way to celebrate and remember your loved one’s life. Single and companion monuments can be slant monuments, upright headstones, or benches. Flat granite cemetery monuments sit flat on the ground. Slant monuments sit upright with a slanted face to make them easy to identify from a distance. Upright headstones have a vertical granite piece that sits above the ground. Bench monuments memorialize your loved one while offering a place for visitors to sit peacefully. We also offer cast bronze plaques for monuments. Each of these different types of cemetery monuments can be single, companion, or family, depending on your wishes. We can also add copings around the sites and plots made out of concrete or granite.

Choosing a Single or Family Monument

Depending on the type of plot you have, you may want to choose different monument options for your loved one. In most cases, if you have a single plot, then a single monument is the typical choice for your loved one. A single monument gives information for one individual, which is why it’s a good choice for single plots.

Companion monuments are larger memorials for side-by-side graves. Generally, people choose companion monuments for couples, though some people also use them for siblings who will be buried next to each other. Typically, these monuments feature the family name at the top of the stone and then have details about the two individuals underneath on either side. When choosing a companion monument, it’s important to know which side your loved ones will be on. Therefore, it’s important to coordinate with your cemetery before starting the monument design.

Some people choose to add both names and birthdates during companion monument production for the surviving spouse. In other cases, people choose to leave the other side blank and add all inscriptions after burial. When designing a two person monument, you may need to consider when to add the other person’s inscriptions.

Family monuments are usually reserved for family-style plots where more than two people will rest. Most family monuments are large, upright, and feature the family name. Each individual grave in the plot usually also has a marker for each person or couple buried in the plot. These markers generally match the style of the larger family monument to create a cohesive aesthetic in the plot. Family memorials are a great way to celebrate family legacy.

Whether you are looking for single, companion, or family monuments, our team is here to help you memorialize your loved ones with beautiful monuments and markers. We offer design, Hebrew translation, production, and delivery services to make this purchase as easy as possible. Contact us today to learn more and start designing a monument for your loved one.

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