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At Gaitz Memorials, we specialize in Jewish monuments and cemetery markers. We offer expertise in Jewish headstone traditions and customs. We offer Hebrew translation and inscription to help you create the monuments that will honor your loved ones. Jewish monuments in Houston generally feature both English and Hebrew writing, as well as symbols to help memorialize the deceased. We work with you to find options that suit your loved one and help you create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind monument.

Marking burial sites is an ancient Jewish custom, dating back to biblical times. Our community has many traditions and practices around monuments and cemetery markers to help honor and remember our loved ones. We know and understand these traditions and offer accuracy and high quality craftsmanship for Jewish monuments. Our goal is to create enduring memorials that you and your loved ones will be proud of.

We work directly with rabbis for Hebrew translations to ensure precise, authentic translations before carving the characters into the stone. Our team also takes care of handling final Hebrew approval from the rabbi of the cemetery where the funeral will take place. While we don’t install the headstone, we work with you to make sure headstones are delivered to the cemetery in plenty of time for planned unveiling ceremonies to make the process as simple and easy as possible during this difficult time. We’ve been serving the Jewish community since 2004 and can help you create a unique monument befitting your loved one.


How to Choose a Memorialization

There are many different types of monuments and cemetery markers to choose from. We work with you to find the right choice for your loved one.

Some types of granite cemetery markers we create include:

  • Flat Markers: Flat grave markers are made of granite and sit flush with the ground, generally at the head or foot of the grave. These types of cemetery markers are less likely to break, as they are made of solid granite and sit directly on the ground.
  • Hickey Markers: Hickey cemetery markers are much like flat grave markers, except one side is slightly higher than the other to create a slight bevel in the face of the stone. This can help you identify the grave from a distance.
  • Slant Monuments: Slant monuments are upright headstones that generally sit about 18 inches off the ground and are shaped like a wedge to provide a slanted headstone face.
  • Upright Monuments: Upright monuments, also known as dies and bases, are what you likely think of when you hear the word “headstone.” They feature a vertical slab of granite coming up from the ground that features your inscriptions and epitaphs.
  • Benches: A bench can be used as an addition to your loved one’s monument or as the memorial itself. In some cases, cemeteries may not allow upright headstones, but may allow benches. We can engrave names, epitaphs, and symbols to help you create a memorial bench for your loved one.


In addition to offering etching and carving directly into the granite to memorialize your loved ones, we also offer bronze plaques for cemetery markers. Made of cast bronze, plaques help provide contrast while still offering enduring results. Today, bronze cemetery markers are coated with sealants to protect them from the elements and corrosion to keep them bright and shiny for years to come.

We offer both single and companion cemetery monuments and markers as well as statues, sculptures, figures, busts, and memorialization benches to help you customize the grave site to your loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our monuments and start personalizing a memorial for your loved one today.

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