Monument & Marker Repair

Cemetery Monument & Marker Repair & Cleaning

At Gaitz Memorial, we are cemetery monument experts and offer advanced repair and cleaning services to help restore your loved one’s memorial to its former glory. We use specialized methods to keep monuments in good condition and refurbish them so they continue to honor your loved one’s life and legacy.

Over time, headstones and grave markers can become cracked, chipped or even broken for numerous reasons. Whether from the ground shifting over time, vandalism, or other causes, we are here to help you correct chips, cracks, and other damages to grave markers. Our monument repair services can improve the appearance and stability of damaged markers. Using special epoxy adhesives and experienced monument repair knowledge, we can help make damaged cemetery monuments look as good as new, even after a large break.

Also, you may notice that older family graves have started to sink or tilt. Unfortunately, many people break their loved ones’ monuments by trying to correct leaning headstones. Even worse, sometimes people hurt themselves trying to level monuments. It’s important to choose professionals for this type of monument repair. Attempting to do this yourself in the best case scenario will be ineffective, and in the worst could hurt you or someone else.

monument and marker repair

If you notice that a loved one’s monument is starting to tilt or sink, you may be wondering what caused it. Over time, the ground can start to soften and shift, which may cause sinking headstones or leaning monuments. However, we offer professional headstone resetting services to help correct these issues. Resetting involves removing the monument and reproducing its base to suit the gravesite and fix any instability or sloping.

Even with regular cemetery monument cleaning and maintenance, all monuments will start to wear over time. This is where grave marker restoration from our team at Gaitz Memorials can help rejuvenate your loved ones’ memorials. We can sand blast and refurbish bronze plaques and granite markers to keep them shining and beautiful.

Unfortunately, in some cases, badly damaged headstones and monuments may not be repairable. In these cases, we offer monument duplication and replacement services to help you honor your departed loved one.


Our experts also offer headstone cleaning and sandblasting services to help you maintain your friends’ and family’s memorials. Monument cleaning involves using professional stone cleaning agents and methods to remove dirt, grime, lichens, and other debris from cemetery monuments. While granite is a tough, long-lasting material, it does require professional cleaning to keep it in good condition. Harsh chemicals and improper pressure washing can damage monuments, sometimes beyond repair. Therefore, we use our knowledge and expertise to thoroughly clean headstones and monuments.

Sandblasting, on the other hand, should never be used for cleaning. Instead, we use sandblasting to help create a certain finish on the granite surface or to add a new etching to an existing headstone. For example, sandblasting is a common way to add information to a companion grave marker after a surviving spouse passes. In addition, we offer on-site monument sandblasting for adding symbols and other customization to your loved one’s marker. Call us today to discuss your monument cleaning and repair needs with our team. We are here to help you keep cemetery markers beautiful for many years to come.

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