Single & Companion Markers

Single and Companion Markers for Cemeteries

At Gaitz Memorial, we design, produce, and deliver single and companion gravesite markers to help you memorialize your loved ones. We offer a wide range of customizable options so you can create a unique, beautiful tribute to your lost loved one. We use the finest materials and the most advanced techniques to ensure you have an enduring marker that properly commemorates the person.

Single cemetery markers have one person’s information, emblems, and epitaphs on them. This is the most common choice for those who are buried on a single plot. Single gravesite markers come in many different types. For example, flat markers can be made of granite or bronze. Granite markers may also feature a bronze plaque engraved or embossed with information about the deceased. Most single markers for cemeteries are 12 inches by 24 inches. However, we can customize the size to suit your needs.

Another choice for single cemetery markers include ledger markers, which are a flat stone marker that covers the entire grave. Ledger markers can be made of engraved granite or feature bronze plaques atop a granite base depending on your preferences. We can also add copings around the sites and plots made out of concrete or granite.

Companion grave markers are usually used for couples who will be buried side by side. They are wider than single markers to feature information about both spouses. One of the most common designs for companion markers is to have the family name at the top center and then have inscriptions about the individuals on their respective sides. Companion markers are a great way to honor the love between two people after their passing.

Most companion grass markers are 12 inches by 36 inches, which makes them the perfect size to place them in the center of two side-by-side graves. However, we can also make larger markers to allow for additional inscriptions and design elements. Also, while less common, companion ledger markers are also an option for couples and offer plenty of space to add large or detailed inscriptions for each person.

Choosing a Single or Family Marker

In some cases, it can be difficult deciding between a single marker or a companion marker. It’s important to consider what your departed loved one would want when deciding between single and companion markers.

Most people choose between single and companion markers by the type of cemetery plot they have. If the person is being buried on a single plot, most people choose a single marker. The same is true of those being buried on companion plots. However, companion plots can generally accommodate single markers to create a unique memorial for each of the two people as well.

In addition, there are cost differences between single and companion markers. While companion markers are more expensive up front, they are generally less expensive than two single markers, as we can design and create both sides at once, leaving off inscriptions for the surviving spouse. Therefore, you may also want to consider how to best honor the memory of your loved one in your price range. There is no right or wrong answer to which type of cemetery marker you choose. If you need help deciding or are ready to start designing a marker for your loved one, contact our memorialization specialists at Gaitz Memorials today.

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