Types of Markers

Cemetery markers are generally flat and flush with the ground and made of granite or bronze to help you create an enduring, beautiful memorial to your loved one. Grave markers are fully customizable to suit your loved one and help you honor them properly.

At Gaitz Memorials, we design, produce, and deliver cemetery markers of all types. Our team understands that this is a difficult time, which is why we make this process as easy as possible for you. We offer expert memorialization guidance when you need it and help take many of the burdens off your shoulders. For example, we work with the rabbi for Hebrew translation and approval for inscriptions on Jewish grave markers. Our goal is to help you create a beautiful grave marker that will stand the test of time.

Many cemeteries today require flat cemetery markers because they help give the cemetery a uniform appearance. They also help reduce the risk of damage during landscaping, which helps you rest easy knowing your loved one’s grave marker is protected from harm. In addition, cemetery markers are often much more economical compared to upright markers, which helps you stay within budget while still creating a gorgeous marker that suits your loved one.


Single & Companion Markers


Cemetery markers are generally either single markers or companion markers. Single markers are smaller and feature the details of one person. Companion markers are larger and generally used for couples and detail both spouse’s information. Companion markers usually have the family name in the top center and the couple’s names, birth dates, and death dates on either side.

Granite & Bronze Markers

In addition, our grass level markers are made of either high quality granite or bronze to help create durable markers for your loved ones. Flat granite markers can be customized with color and finish. Inscriptions and art are either etched or carved into the stone surface. Bronze markers are generally mounted on a base of granite and are often removable for easy cleaning and etching. Both bronze and granite can last forever with proper care and maintenance.

Ledger Markers

Ledger markers can be either single or companion and are generally etched granite or granite with bronze plates to help memorialize your loved one. Ledger markers cover the entire grave and offer extra design space to help you create a memorial that is perfectly personalized to the person.

Creating Beautiful Markers​

No matter what type of cemetery marker you choose, our team is here to help you design something memorable that will help inspire remembrance for those who visit the grave. Once you determine the right size and material for your loved one’s marker, it’s important to consider what information you want on the marker. Most markers feature the person’s name, birth date, and death date. Jewish markers often feature names, epitaphs, and other information in Hebrew. We offer Hebrew and English inscriptions as well as modern emblems and traditional Jewish symbols to help you personalize markers to honor your loved one. Contact us today to learn more and start designing a cemetery marker.

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