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Grave Marker: Granite Headstones

Granite is a highly durable natural stone that we use to create enduring grave markers for your loved ones. Granite is formed under the earth’s surface, when molten rock slowly crystalizes as it cools. It’s primarily made up of quartz, feldspar, and minerals. The different minerals affect the color of the granite, which is why we see colors ranging from pink to jet black.

Granite is hard and more damage resistant than marble, which makes it the perfect choice for cemetery markers. In addition, granite can last forever because it is so hard and durable. At Gaitz Memorials, we help you create a lasting memorial to your loved ones by using granite to create enduring grave markers. We use high grade granite to ensure you receive a high quality marker that will stand the test of time.

There are many different colors of granite you can choose from for a grave marker. Our standard colors are black, gray, primrose, and imperial red. However, we also offer a wide range of custom colors to suit your loved one and help you create a unique tribute to their life.

Different granite colors come from locations all over the globe. For example, black granite is generally found in southern Africa, Scandinavia, Angola, Brazil, China, and India. Imperial red granite is primarily found in northern parts of India, while rose colored granite can be found in many different locations, including right here in North America. Our grave marker design team can help you find the right granite choice to honor your loved one.

granite choices

Types Of Cemetery Markers

We also offer many different types of cemetery markers to help you create a unique memorial. Different cemeteries may have different rules about the type of marker you can place in their cemetery, so it’s important to check with them about any design restrictions before beginning the headstone planning process.

Perhaps the most popular type of cemetery marker is the flat marker, also known as grass-level grave markers. These are made of solid granite in the color of your choice and sit at the head or foot of the grave, flush with the ground. They are generally four inches deep, and the most common size for a single flat grave marker is 24 inches by 12 inches, while flat companion grave markers are generally 36 inches by 12 inches.

Flat cemetery markers take up less space compared to many other memorials and many cemeteries prefer them to create a smooth, uniform look. In addition, because they are solid and sit flat on the ground, they may be less likely to breakage and damage. Flat grave markers are also the best option for those looking for budget-friendly markers, as they cost less than many other types of markers.

Ledger cemetery markers are another type of flat markers that sit on the ground. However, they cover the entire length and width of the grave. They are a minimum of four inches thick and allow more room for intricate designs.

Hickey grave markers are similar to flat markers. However, they have a slightly slanted face. Also known as bevel shaped monuments, they sit several inches above the ground and are slanted to make the marker face easier to read from a distance compared to flat markers.

Slant grave markers generally sit about 18 inches from the ground and create a wedge shape, with the marker face slanted to make the inscriptions easy to see while standing. They are a good option if you are looking for a style that compromises between an upright headstone and a hickey grave marker.

Finally, we also create upright granite cemetery markers, which feature a vertical piece of granite that sits above ground. These memorials tend to be more intricate in design and offer a stunning appearance that stands out. However, they may require more maintenance compared to flat grave markers.

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