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Granite headstones can come in many different finishes to help you tailor grave markers to loved ones. Memorial finish affects the aesthetic of the marker and works with other design elements to create a one-of-a-kind look to honor the memory of the deceased. There are four types of grave marker finishes: polished, steeled, sawn, and rock-pitch. Each offers a different look that can help you pay tribute to your loved one.

Polished granite memorials have a smooth surface with a high gloss finish. They create a mirror-like shine for your loved one’s gravesite marker. We achieve this reflective look by applying special polishing products to create an extremely smooth surface, removing surface scratches and other imperfections, which allows the marker to sparkle in the sunlight. This type of memorial finish does require upkeep to maintain the beautiful shine, including regular cleaning. In addition, some cemeteries may not allow polished markers because they may look out of place near older headstones.

You may also choose steel finished granite for your loved one’s marker. This finish also features a smooth-to-the-touch surface. However, unlike polished granite, steeled markers do not have the high gloss shine. Instead, we lightly sandblast the surface of the stone to create a more matte look. Many people also call this finish frosted granite, as it uses a similar production process of creating frosted glass.
Sawn finished memorials feature a semi-smooth, matte surface. Sawn finishes generally fit in quite well in older cemeteries where many of the stones may also be semi-smooth. To achieve this finish, we cut the granite with a wire or a diamond saw blade to create the shape of the memorial.

Rock pitch memorials feature a rough surface and have a rock-like appearance. Our specialists use a hammer and hand chisel to create this natural stone look for your loved one’s grave marker. Rock pitch grave markers have a rugged, geologic quality to them. Some people choose rock pitch finish around the sides of markers to create a contrast to polished, steeled, or sawn finished areas.

You can choose one finish for the entire marker, or choose different finishes on the face and edges to create contrast and help the marker stand out. We also offer different border finishes on the marker face, such as steeled borders around a polished background. We are here to help you find options that fit your needs.


Lasting Memorialization Of Loved Ones

At Gaitz Memorial, we provide lasting memorials for those dear to you. We use the finest materials to create markers that your loved ones would be proud of. We begin by using high grade granite to provide you with an enduring memorial to honor and remember the deceased. In addition, we use skilled, specialized techniques to create finishes and inscriptions on the marker. Our goal is to help you create unique, beautiful markers that suit your loved one’s life and ideals.

We are here to offer guidance for memorial design and help make this process as easy as possible for you and your family. Our experts work with you, your cemetery, your synagogue, and your rabbi to create markers that suit your loved one and properly commemorate their life. Contact us today to learn more or get started with our turnkey headstone services.

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