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Carvings and etchings on grave markers help identify the deceased as well as provide information to honor their life and passing. These inscriptions include words and symbols that you want included on the granite headstone, generally featuring the person’s name, birth and death dates, as well as other text or images that help convey remembrance of the person’s life. At Gaitz Memorials, we use advanced specialized methods to create these long-lasting inscriptions in the granite grave marker.

There are two main ways to create letters and symbols in the stone: carving and etching. Carving involves making v-shaped cuts in the shape of letters and images. This type of inscription is deeper compared to etching for a more dramatic look. We perform grave marker etching using a rubber stencil and a sandblaster. We adhere the rubber stencil to the granite using specially formulated adhesive. Then, we utilize a sandblaster to slightly erode the granite surface to create the letters and art onto the marker.

We offer many different fonts to choose from for the inscription and epitaph, including serif, sans serif, and script fonts, to help you design a unique and beautiful grave marker for your loved one. In addition, our technicians can paint the engraved or carved letters using specialized granite paint to help create contrast for letters and symbols. We offer a wide range of colors to choose from, with standards being Lithichrome black shadow, Lithichrome gray shadow, and hillite, a whitening paint for stone surfaces. You can also choose to keep the copy unpainted and simply etched or carved. The text color will start to fade gradually over time and will require routine repainting to maintain the color contrast between stone and lettering.

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Headstones & Monuments for the Houston Jewish Community

In addition to English inscriptions, we also offer Hebrew translations and inscriptions for Jewish grave markers. Once you are happy with the drawing layout, we send the drawing to the rabbi to add the Hebrew translations. We then add the Hebrew to the drawing and send it to the rabbi again for approval for accuracy.

At Gaitz Memorials, we offer custom Hebrew inscriptions for your loved one’s headstone. Some common inscriptions we can add to the headstone include the person’s Hebrew name, the Hebrew names of their parents, dates in the Hebrew calendar, and epitaphs to honor the deceased. Hebrew inscriptions can be etched or carved in the granite based on your preferences.

We also offer carving and etching for several traditional symbols, including the Star of David, the menorah, the eternal flame, the ten commandments, and candlesticks to help you memorialize your loved one and show their enduring devotion to their faith. We are happy to help you customize your loved one’s grave marker with other symbols to represent and honor their life and add visual personalization to the headstone.

Contact us today to learn more and start customizing the carvings and etchings for your loved one’s grave marker. We are here to help you design a gorgeous monument to memorialize those you love.

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