Gravesite Benches

A gravesite bench offers a quiet, comfortable place to sit and peacefully remember and reflect on your loved one’s life. Made of stone, these benches stand the test of time to help you commemorate the person and allow everyone they loved to visit them comfortably.

Our team at Gaitz Memorials will help you design a beautiful memorial gravesite bench for your loved one. We help you customize the bench to tailor it to your needs and to your lost loved one to make it a one-of-a-kind memorial to the person. From shape, size, and color to beautiful inscriptions and engravings, we are here to help you design something to honor the person and allow you to sit with them when you visit their final resting place.

Some cemeteries don’t allow die stones so gravesite bench memorials are a beautiful way to create a unique cemetery marker for your loved one. They can make the gravesite stand out and easily identifiable from a distance and also offers visitors a chance to sit side-by-side with the person again. Gravesite benches are perfect as single grave markers, companion headstones, or family monuments.

While each gravesite bench is fully customizable, generally they fall into one of two categories: a bench headstone or a monubench. Bench headstones are generally shaped like a traditional bench and utilize the top, sides, and base for names, epitaphs, and symbols to personalize the bench to those who rest there.

A monubench is the perfect choice if you can’t decide between a traditional upright grave marker and a bench headstone. These gravesite benches combine the memorial bench with an upright tablet similar to a headstone. Designs for the monubench can include engravings on the headstone portion only or on both the headstone and the bench area to help customize the monument to your loved one.

Our team is here to help you create a gorgeous, lasting memorialization for your loved one and can help you design the perfect bench memorial. Contact us today to learn more about our gravesite benches and start designing one that would make your loved one proud.


Stone or Granite Benches – How To Choose

How do you choose the right gravesite bench for your loved one? For an enduring memorial, granite benches are the perfect choice. Unlike marble, they are less likely to chip, crack, or otherwise deteriorate over time. Granite is hard and durable, which means it will be able to stand the test of time even when exposed to weather conditions. At Gaitz Memorials, we help you create monuments that will last to help you honor your loved ones. We use high grade granite for memorial benches to ensure high quality, long-lasting memorials for those you love.

Finding the right options for your loved one’s gravesite bench can be a big decision. We are here to help you decide between different styles of benches and help you create a monument that celebrates the life of your loved one. Contact our team today to learn more about bench memorials and start designing one for your loved one today. We are here to help you during this difficult time.

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